Maintenance Services

Your equipment can take quite a beating — especially in heavy-use, high-demand applications. Regular preventive maintenance is essential for keeping your machines in peak operating condition and extending their lifespan. Timely service can also reduce the risk of mechanical breakdowns that can disrupt your operations and put your projects well behind can trust the professionals at 20 20 Equipment Company for all your routine maintenance needs.


Repair Services

Do you use heavy equipment such as skid steers, mini excavators, trenchers or utility loaders in your business? 20 20 Equipment Company can repair these complex machines quickly and efficiently. Our skilled and experienced service technicians keep up-to-date on the latest technologies and industry standards. We’re also able to repair your small engine equipment and tools like portable generators, chainsaws and lawn & garden products like walk-behind trenchers, sod cutters, hedge trimmers and tillers. Besides construction, forestry and landscaping contractors and other professionals, our small equipment repair services are ideal for homeowners who may not have the time, inclination or access to the right tools and parts to do the work themselves.

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